Evaluation Process

We offer a complimentary home visit to determine if your child would benefit from our services

First step is to determine if your child would benefit form our services. If you are not sure, no worries! We offer a complementary home visit to screen your child and their needs. If our services are a good fit, obtain an order from your pediatrician. Next call us to schedule your child's evaluation. We offer flexible hours and come to you. The evaluation and treatments all take place at your home, daycare or preschool. If the evaluation is in a place other then your home, we ask that you be there. During the evaluation you have an opportunity to discuss your concerns and hopes for the future. Combined with the therapists input a treatment plan is developed to fit the needs of your child as well as the family. We want to serve as your therapy village.

Early detection of developmental delays are important. Please click on the link below to review developmental milestones. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, its never too early to facilitate your child's growth and learning. We at Pediatric Village are huge advocates of early detection and action!