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Groups During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pediatric Village offers a variety of services starting with workshops during pregnancy. In home direct therapy services can start as early as returning home from the hospital after birth. Additional postpartum workshops available to participate in with your newborn. More programming available for infants and their families to help with the transition home after an extended hospital stay. Please check out specifics of our different programs below. You shouldn't have to do it alone, Pediatric Village is here to support you.

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Prenatal Parenting

An educational workshop with hands on practice to build confidence, community, and skill to prepare you for parenting. The prenatal period tends to be the time when parents are filling their brains with parenting-based knowledge. In this workshop you will be given evidenced skill-based information and a chance to practice skills to gain confidence. There are several topics to be covered, such as newborn sleep, baby wearing, soothing techniques, bonding, skin to skin and overall development. Whether this is your first or third baby, you will leave feeling confident that you now have a full toolbox to help you in the first couple months but also a deeper understanding of baby development and WHY activities such as swaddling, baby wearing, skin to skin and tummy time are imperative for bonding and development. Prenatal parenting also includes understanding the first couple of months with your baby, how to care for yourself, and how to ease into this transition feeling confident and prepared. You will be provided with a booklet of information and community resources that we cover in class that you can also use a reference tool when you have a question at 1 in the morning. A big focus of this class is on building community and helping you foster relationships outside this class, a platform will be created where you are able to communicate with one another and ask questions. This workshop meets 3 times for 2 hours a session. Call to find out information about our next session. Partners welcome.

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Sensational Growth: Infant Massage and Newborn Care

Sensational Growth: Infant massage and newborn care class. This workshop is hands on practical learning/bonding time with your newborn and other parents/babies in the community. This course works to provide space for you to share your birth story, questions, concerns, and successes with the group. Sensational Growth will cap at 10 parent/baby pairs, to promote an intimate space. Sensational Growth meets 4 sessions for 2 hours a class. This is a great time to bond with your baby, check in with yourself, and create a parenting community. This is a “How to” class. We will focus on practical skills to help with bonding, caretaking, development, and what to do when you have a question. You will leave this class feeling empowered as a parent, more bonded to your baby, and allowing yourself grace and acceptance during this sacred time. Activities to be covered: infant massage, swaddling, tummy time, feeding, sleeping, soothing techniques, baby wearing, development and so much more! Please call to find out information about our next session.

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Home Services for Hospitalized Infants

Sensational Growth: Your baby has been in the hospital since birth. Your team has been working hard to get your family home. You are so excited to walk through the door with your little one.  But now what?? Are you feeling anxious or concerned about caring for your infant without a full staff of professionals? You can do this and Pediatric Village will be there with you to support and instruct. We will come to your home and help you figure out home life with your infant with medical and developmental needs. Our sessions will be catered to the things that are most important to you and your family. At the end of our time together you will feel confident handling, caring for, and parenting your new bundle of joy. Some session ideas: Infant massage, baby wearing, sleep, setting up your home, swaddling, tummy time, skin to skin, soothing techniques, infant cues, bonding, feeding, diapering, bathing and more. You will graduate knowing WHY these activities are important for your baby with special healthcare needs and HOW to complete these activities, and then relax knowing you are providing all your baby needs for healthy and happy growth and development. May be able to bill insurance.

Pre and Postnatal Services: Our Facilities
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