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Pediatric Village Home Care

It Takes a Village, Let Us Be Yours!

Accepting kids 0-5 and any age kids that are immunocompromised For IN HOME Occupational Therapy Services.

PacificSource Community Solutions and Commercial, DMAP, & BCBS ACCEPTED. 

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We currently offer occupational therapy in your home, preschool, or daycare. We provide services and support to babies and children with developmental delays, disabilities, and medical complexities as well as their families.

Coming in April NICU Support Group! Details to follow! 

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The Village Mentality

Nurture, Support, Uplift

We strive to implement the principles of a village mentality. We are intentional about making your family feel they are not only part of our village but a larger community as well.  We know that life can be hectic on many levels. We want to make life easier for you. Our Village Therapists strive to support your family in every way we can. We will work around your busy life for scheduling appointments. We practice a family centered approach to therapy, which includes your child and family as an equal team member. We establish and work on your child's treatment plan together. We not only want to improve your child's quality of life but also your families. We are available to you in between appointments if you have any questions or concerns. We are passionate about building a village community where the whole family feels supported in addition to your child. It seems there are many transplants in Central Oregon, so it's important to us to help build your village with other families that can relate. It really does take a village, let us be yours!

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Why Therapy in the Home?

What makes the home an ideal place for therapy? We get to see how your child really functions in their environment. If getting dressed in the morning is a challenging and stressful time for your child, having therapy in the home can address the actual challenge! We can schedule a morning appointment to evaluate the skill and the environment. Environmental modification are an important component of therapy. It may be determined that your child requires a room with less distractions or a calming sensory activity prior to dressing. Therapy in the home is organic and you can address the root of the challenge more efficiently. We are able to support activities that occur naturally within your environment. We are here to improve the quality of life for your child and your family! It Takes a Village, Let Us Be Yours!

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541-312-6240 (fax for referrals)

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